About Me


Hi my name is Jordan Boom. I just moved back to the USA after living in Honduras for nearly 4 years. My blog has been centered around my life and the mission field, but now I will write about my life in transition and the many things I'm trying. Things like traveling, hiking, probably food, and then all the interesting things you experience when you move from one country to another. 

Even though I've moved back to the states, I will continue to partner with The Cornerstone Foundation in Honduras on short-term mission trips. Read more about Cornerstone below. 


Check out my website dedicated to my photography portfolio, PhotoBOOM.

Short-term Missions

For nearly 4 years, I served as a communications specialist for The Cornerstone Foundation in Balfate, Honduras. The Cornerstone Foundation is a Christian charitable organization 501(c)(3) based in Biloxi, MS. The main work of The Cornerstone Foundation are the Loma de Luz ministries in Balfate, Honduras.

The main ministries of Loma de Luz are: 

  • Hospital Loma de Luz

  • Sanctuary House Children's Center

  • El Camino Bilingual School

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