I Have Arrived

I have finally arrived in Balfate, Honduras where I will be serving with the Cornerstone Foundation.  My journey to Honduras went extremely smooth for all of the things I had to complete before leaving Tennessee and traveling to my new home.  Here is a brief review of my last few days in the states:

Thursday, August 28, 2014:  I spent the most of my day moving out of my apartment at Wherry Housing. Five bags packed and loaded, room emptied, all remaining furniture stored. Head to Mission Pastor’s house to stay until departure on Saturday.

Friday, August, 29, 2014: Ran last minute errands- rental car return, post office, and lunch with my friend, Curt. I weighed my bags and together they were 20lbs overweight.  I opened my bags and spread out in the living room to begin the process of removing anything that I could live without for the next month!  This process was successful, except I arrived without shampoo. Whoops. Pastor Bruce and Jill will bring the remaining bags in a few weeks when they arrive for a missionary conference. My night ended with a home cooked send-off dinner with friends. Main dessert request fulfilled: FUDGE PIE with vanilla ice cream (I wish I had some right now).

Saturday, August 30, 2014—3:30 a.m.: I had a peaceful four hours of sleep. Flight departed at 6:30 a.m. and I wanted to be there by 5. Checked my bags and…FRIENDS ARRIVE!! Pictures, hugs, prayers, and the hardest part- saying goodbye. I was a little emotional on my flight to Atlanta after saying my goodbyes and reading letters from my friends on the airplane. The Lord provided comfort and peace during my two flights, ferryboat ride, and hour-long drive to the gates of Hospital Loma de Luz. 

My two weeks have involved a lot of adjusting to my new life here, by unpacking, grocery shopping in the city, and getting into a schedule.  I am staying in a building near the hospital called staff housing, where short-term missionaries stay.  The Hondurans call this building, “the hotel.”

I have been blessed to be able to have shared my first two weeks here with a great team from Seattle.  This team arrived to “the hotel” maybe two hours after I did and they left yesterday, and another team arrives today.  The longest mission trip I have ever been on was two weeks. 

It is interesting seeing how I have made the switch from being on a short-term missions team serving alongside the missionaries to being a full-time missionary visiting and serving with the short-term missionaries.  Then, also realizing how long two weeks seems when you left home, but how short it feels in your new home.  The last two weeks have flown by for me, and I am just getting started.