When Missionary Life Prepares You For Going Home

Before going on the mission field, there are many ways to prepare yourself. Some of the ways I prepare to go on the mission field include praying, reading the Bible, raising funds, shopping (lots of shopping), and the list goes on and on. I have now been serving as a missionary in Honduras for over a year, and I am halfway through my furlough at home in Tennessee. 

What I didn’t expect was how the mission field would prepare me for coming home. The last few months in Honduras has been hands down the busiest season in my life. I experienced what it was like to operate under stress for more than a day. I spent the busy season doing photography on a weekly basis to get in school photos, graduation photos, missionary photos, and children's center photos. Photography used to be more of an interest and hobby, and overtime in Honduras it has become one of my main jobs. 

So how have these things (busyness & photography) prepared me for coming home?

My first week back in the USA was the week of my sister’s wedding. There was some miscommunication and a few days before the event I found out that I would be the wedding photographer. I was able to order additional equipment and operate under a moderate amount of stress while this event was all coming together. There were so many moments I could have cracked under the pressure, but I didn’t. By the grace of God the pictures turned out great (in my opinion), and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for all of the photography I have done in the mission field over the last year. 

After the wedding, I had one day of rest before I had to spend the week preparing for a presentation about my time and ministry in Honduras. Since I have recommitted to staying in Honduras I have to raise more monthly support in order to continue my ministry work and this presentation was my first opportunity to get the word out in person. The day of my presentation I learned that November is a very busy month to host a Sunday afternoon presentation. Even with a small crowd, I gained two new monthly partnerships and a few one-time donations. I am making progress and I have a ways to go!

How you can get Involved

In order stay on the mission field I have to raise funds to meet my monthly budget. My monthly budget is $1,110 and I have $500 left to raise to meet my budget. I also have some big one-time purchases that I need to make because I have been blessed with a little house that I will be moving into in January. In order to make this place livable, I need to purchase appliances and furniture. If you are interested in partnering with me, click on the partnership tab and check out this brochure.