2015 Memories: Soccer at Recess

While I have some extra time on my hands as I am raising support in the USA, I thought I might share some of my favorite memories from this year.

Soccer at Recess

As a teacher’s aide at El Camino Bilingual School, I have worked in various areas of responsibility with one of most common as recess monitor. I love all of the classes (kindergarten through 3rd grade) at El Camino and they each have their own personalities. When it comes to recess time, my favorite grade to interact with is the 2nd grade. This class is mostly boys and they love to play a game of soccer. Their skills are incredible for their ages, and the hardest task has been facilitating their skills and teaching them good sportsmanship, teamwork, and following the rules of soccer. These kids are competitive and used to playing rough games of soccer in their neighborhoods. Many tears have been shed due to attitudes, competition, and falling during soccer games at recess.

There was one specific game that took everything I had not to burst into tears. The kids were playing their game, and I was refereeing. One team had more skilled players than the other and they were scoring one goal after another. Ilver (pronounced Ilber) was on the losing team and I saw his eyes start to fill with tears as they were down 2-0. I got down on my knees to encourage him and tell him that I would play with his team. I wasn’t the best asset, because the other team continued to score. After each goal the opposing team made, I looked over at Ilver and told him, “It’s okay!! We can do this!” He smiled and we kept playing. We finally got one goal, but still lost the game.

I was so proud of the kids because there was not one fight, push, or tear shed in that game. I raved to the teacher about their excellent attitudes after recess, and the winning team encouraged the losing team. I was so choked up, because these kids have come so far in their sportsmanship and attitudes toward one another. When one kid falls or gets hurt, they will stop the game (call for a penalty), and help the player dust off the dirt from his school uniform. 

El Camino Bilingual school isn’t just about teaching students English. It is a place where students are being discipled and mentored in a Christian atmosphere. This is just an example of something that happened at recess one time. There are many other stories and examples of how we have seen the students demonstrate Christ-like attitudes. If you are interested in sponsoring a child in the school  or volunteering (WE NEED TEACHERS), visit our website

*Fundraising Update*

Fundraising efforts are progressing and I have $355 left to raise in my monthly support to continue missionary work.  Work on my little casita is continuing and I anticipate it being ready for occupancy when I return in January!  I still have items that I need help with in purchasing. If this is an area in which you might be interested in providing assistance, contact me and I can let you know which things are still outstanding.