Coming Home

I just returned to Honduras from a 3-week “visa” trip to the states.  Most missionaries in foreign countries enter their service-country on a tourist visa. This allows the visitor to remain in the country for three months. At the end of this time it becomes necessary to leave the country for at least 3 days and then re-enter for another 3-month stay. My options as a missionary in Honduras are to follow the 3-month tourism visa with a 1-month extension option or apply for residency (which takes at least 6 months to obtain). Most of the missionaries here take a 1-2 week visa trip when their time is up and a furlough when most convenient. These visa trips allow for some rest and recuperation. Although I didn’t get much rest on my recent trip, it sure was nice to see family and friends, and have an overall change of scenery.

This blog will attempt to answer some of the recurring questions I am often asked when I’m back on my visa trip.

How is Honduras?  (usually asked in passing) It is great, really. Things are going good. :)

Do you love it? Yes! I actually do love it.

Has is been a year already? No, I arrived August 30, 2014. 

What is it like coming home? Busy, but refreshing at the same time. There is a lot to do in a short period of time.  God’s timing has been amazing for the planning of my visa trips.  My first visa trip had me home for Christmas and New Year’s, my second for the birth of my nephew, and I will be back for my sister’s wedding in November on an upcoming visa trip!

What do you miss the most? I am a very family oriented person, so I miss my family and friends the most. Although I miss my friends and family, I have been embraced by so many in the community that I didn't even feel a little homesick on Thanksgiving. I love this community. 

How do you get built up spiritually? I have found it easier to stay built up spiritually on a regular basis by living and working in a Christian environment. We pray together as a missionary community at least once a week, and I study the Bible for our MK girls Bible study group. When I go back to the USA, I am encouraged and built up by my church. On this last trip I was able to review scriptures with my Missions Pastor and missionary friends, as well as speak to the youth ministries. 

Are you going to be in Honduras forever? Probably not forever, but I did commit to staying for 2016. 

Have you met any guys? I have no shame in answering this. There are a bunch of single girls that live here and no single guys. Guys visit a lot, but they are almost always in a relationship, engaged, married, or out of my age range. So for all those single Godly men who can't find a lady at their church, she may be in the mission field. ;) It is a good thing I am not very concerned about settling down right now. #singlelife 

After living in Honduras, do you hate the USA? (asked in various ways) No, if anything I appreciate the USA even more. I mean I can’t argue with air conditioning, grocery stores and restaurants on every corner, not to mention more Netflix options.  

 How do your visa trips affect you when you go back? Well, so far I have found my visa trips very helpful and encouraging. Coming back to Honduras in January was a slow transition, because I didn’t have as much keeping me busy on my return.  However, this time around I didn’t have a choice but to readjust immediately due to school being in session and the need to catch up on projects. The weather has been the most difficult thing to readjust to. It is very hot and humid, and falling asleep at night can be a challenge.

These are the questions I am most frequently asked. If you would like more depth about any of these, send me an email and I’ll answer as quickly and completely as I can! 

Enjoy the recent photos.