Still Growing

Before I left for Honduras, many people asked what I wanted or hoped that God would do with me over the next year. My answer was simple, "I just want to grow and to be stretched."

One person stopped me and said, “Excuse me. You what? You prayed that? Uh…" It was as if I prayed for God to help me be patient, and was preparing for a storm of frustrating situations to come my way. I suddenly had fear about what I had been praying and asking from God.

Fast forward to a moment I had a few months ago where I stared blankly at a wall after venting to a friend.  My eyes were filled with tears and everything suddenly clicked. I dried my eyes realizing that everything I was getting emotional and overwhelmed about was an answer to my original prayer to grow and be stretched. 

This year God has stretched me in areas I never expected. I've made many mistakes and have been humbled daily. I've learned to say “no” more often and although it isn't easy, I know that if I were to say “yes” to everything then I would become more hurtful than helpful. I have more unpublished blogs than published ones on my computer that haven't seen the light of day due to insecurities of what people might think or being compared to others. These are areas I am still working to overcome and I just want to be open about them. 

I know who I am in Christ and I know I have nothing to fear because His love is enough. My insecurities about what others think can be overcome by remembering whose opinion matters most. If God is pleased with my actions then that should be enough. As long as I remember this and keep it in my thoughts then I can find comfort.  Even when I am at my lowest, one thing remains, my joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Enjoy the photos from the last few months.