I arrived back in Honduras on January 2 after a 7-week furlough in the USA. Being back in a routine has been refreshing. The first few weeks were extremely busy with my sister’s wedding, fundraising, and Thanksgiving (blog about it here). Once December arrived I was able to focus more on reaching my monthly support goal.

When God first called me to the mission field I knew I didn’t have to worry about money (but that didn’t excuse me from putting in effort). I felt peace in my spirit regarding finances and that the Lord would ultimately provide. In a matter of 3 months I was fully funded for a year when I departed for Honduras in August 2014! At that time I thought it was amazing and that I was clearly following the right path. Yet, during this recent 7-week furlough, as I focused on fundraising for the next two years, the Lord provided more in the 4 weeks I devoted to it than was provided in the initial 3 months! I can’t explain this feeling of knowing, once again, that I am on the path the Lord has made for me. 

Recently, new housing has opened up and I was given the opportunity to move into a casita (little house) at the top of the hill. So, I haved moved into my new casita since returning to Honduras. The casita has been furnished with the help and support of many people. It is a cute little house and I feel more at home than I ever have in Honduras (see below for pics). I tweeted this week how I am “#nesting” in my new casita. Out of curiosity, I looked up the #nesting hashtag and saw babies and birds. That is not the nesting I am talking about!! Can a single girl #nest and enjoy a new house? This one is!


New-ish Updates

I have two updates that are not necessarily new, but I haven’t publicly shared about them. First, I am pursuing my Master’s online at the University of Denver. I should graduate in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication with an emphasis in PR and Marketing. I started my first quarter last September, and I am sharing about it now because it was more of a trial at the beginning. I wanted to make sure this was something I could handle while working in ministry. It has proven itself challenging, but worth it. One of the reason’s I couldn’t pass up this opportunity is because my dad transferred 2 years of his GI Bill to me (which is basically two years of free education). These benefits expire when I turn 26, so I have exactly two years to make the most of them!

Now, for my second update: Next month I am going on a 12-day trip to Israel with a group from my church. This has been in the works since even before I became a missionary. So if you spot me in Smyrna in February- this is why. I am excited about the bonding time with the group as we visit the holy sites. My step dad joined the trip too!


Last but not least, newsletter time is around the corner and you can sign up to receive it on my home page! Thank you for reading! Enjoy the pics.