Back to Normal

It is early April and things are back to normal. Normal (as we all know) is a difficult concept to define, because it is different for everyone. My normal is actually quite strange and hard for most to relate to (even for me). It is a new normal, this routine of mine. 

I have settled into my casita, and adding small touches as I go. I spend 4 mornings a week working as a teacher’s aide at El Camino. Although I have filled the role of a teacher’s aide since my original arrival in 2014, my responsibilities continue to change. This year I am working more as an office worker that you would see in a public school in the states. I am the point person for school visitors, attendance, and various administration projects. The best part is I get to do all of these tasks stationed outside and still have the entertainment of watching recesses. 

My afternoons and evenings are spent the same as before. I work on whichever digital communications project or upkeep that I have before me. There is also online school work and Bible study (we are currently studying Isaiah). 

Now that normal has set in, things are moving fast. One of my missionary friends, Alissa Kearney, got married last week. I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer. Something I would only do for a missionary in Honduras (or I suppose my sister :P). I have helped others in the community by taking family photos and a one-year-old’s photos in the last month. 

So yeah, things are back to normal. Enjoy the photos!