The Grace Struggle

Here’s the thing with grace, it’s hard. Like really hard. I actually didn’t think much about grace outside of the contexts of how God shows us grace until recently. One of my friends asked me if I thought she didn’t show grace well. I wanted to answer her honestly, but the problem was I didn’t know how due to my own struggles with showing grace. I referred her to someone else so I could start investigating grace in my own life. 

I started my investigation like every other millennial, by searching for grace on Google. I read some enlightening articles and realized I had a problem with grace, or at least showing grace towards others. BUT not receiving grace, I am an expert at receiving grace… ;) 

During my grace journey I read Putting a Face on Grace by Richard Blackaby. One of my favorite quotes in his book is, “Grace recognizes people’s sin, anger, rebellion, and foolishness but looks beyond all of these to see what these people can become.” I’m ashamed of how many times I couldn’t look beyond these faults in others, and simply gave up on them. 

Now, comes the challenging part… life application. How do I exactly apply what I have learned about grace to my life? My answer has been prayer all the way. Praying daily that I will show grace to others and God quickly answering by sending frustrations my way. My tongue hurts from how often I bite it to keep the not-so-graceful words from coming out of my mouth. This has been a great journey for my heart. The more I learn to show grace to others the more I am growing in love and compassion all the same. As the Chewbacca lady says, it’s all love

I realized I haven't posted in awhile, so here are some pics!