Scorpion Club

Tropical storm Earl had me on edge last night. I was just tossing and turning, making myself comfortable to fall back asleep. When suddenly I felt a sharp and searing pain in my foot. Instantly, I leaped as far as I could out of my bed (surprisingly I landed on my feet). As I felt the pain begin to burn, I frantically started smacking the wall to find the light. I knew that burning pain could mean one thing. I've heard the stories of them talking about it. Other missionaries having the same occurrence in the middle of the night, but not me, I'm different. Nothing is going to get me in the middle of the night.

I was wrong. There was a scorpion in my bed and it was going to die. All I needed was my vision. Lights- check! Glasses that aren't as good as my contacts- check! Weapon to kill scorpion aka shoe- no check… 

I had to act fast before I lost the scorpion and the rest of my night's sleep. Hobbling on my injured and burning foot, I removed all pillows from my bed. Then I spotted the culprit at the foot of my bed. Since I didn't have a weapon, I backed up and kept my eyes on it before turning away for a shoe. I grabbed my handy-dandy Israel sandal and was ready for war (probs something King David would've worn). But when I returned 5 seconds later the scorpion was not where I left it!!! 

I threw my head back and started the "why me" pity party as the sense of defeat came over me, in addition to the crippling pain in my toe. Emotions can be intense at 3am. Inspired by my earlier readings of King David, I refused to be defeated! I checked the comforter one last time. All clear. I tossed it to the pillow pile. Then I lifted up my mattress and there it was gripping my sheets in what would be best described as the scorpion fetal position. He knew his time was up. I flicked that sucker off with my weapon and he landed on the floor and quickly found hiding in a pair of shorts. I shook him loose from those shorts and beat him with the handy-dandy sandal. Dead. 

Now I have scorpion guts in my shorts, but who has time for that at 3am when I still have to webMD my treatment options? FYI the answer- ice and ibuprofen. I moved my bed so that it is no longer touching curtains, or the gateway for future scorpions. Almost ready to sleep, except I had to snapchat all my friends and message my family. Ya know, just so they know how tough I am. ;) #thirdworldprobs #missionarylife 

7:30am update: The burning pain is now rated at a 3, and I am feeling much better. There is little movement in my pinky toe (point of sting), but those don’t move much anyways. I am a little jumpy since the incident. As I was making my bed and checking for scorpions, the zipper of my duvet touched my finger. If I didn’t have a toothbrush in my mouth my jump would've been accompanied by a loud scream. Calm down, it is just a cold zipper. 

Now that no one wants to visit me in Honduras, how about a little update? All is well at El Camino Bilingual school. Due to an injured teacher and visa trips, I have been helping out with recess a lot the past couple of months. The kids beg to play kickball, which I think is great. I’ve taught a few kids how to throw a spiral with a football, which will get them nowhere in this country (Soccer is life). As usual, we need teachers and teacher aides for the next school year! Let me know if you are interested. 

It has been a busy season in general. I had a visitor a couple weeks ago. Shout out to Vonda for braving the harsh conditions of mosquitos and working with the teachers of El Camino for a week! We appreciate you! 

Okay, this post has gone on long enough… here are some pics to fill you in on everything else!