Curious Jack

I’ve been monkey sitting Jack, a capuchin monkey, for almost a week. Jack and I have made some memories for sure. 

Day 1- It was a struggle to get his diaper on at first. After several tries and moral support from my co-sitter (Ashley), I had success. I’m supposed to check if the diaper covers the appropriate areas, but I haven’t been that adventurous. We took Jack to play in the mango tree, fed him, and then taking off his diaper was a little less successful. After a few failed attempts he bit me and I panicked. I tried to throw him off me, but that backfired and I jacked up my back in the process (see what I did there?). HE ONLY HELD ON TIGHTER. I calmed down and coerced him back to his cage. 


Day 2- I started the day more confidently. I approached Jack all by myself and successfully got the diaper on the first try. I was told Jack liked showers and the house has hot water so I figured we could take a shower and it’d be great because Jack likes showers, right? Well, I have a very detailed story about how this went down, but I’m going to spare you the details and just say it was a fail.

Day 3- Jack had a great day!

Day 4- Jack had another great day! 


Day 5- Jack’s diaper fell off a couple times. I decided to put him back in his cage for lunch break and put his diaper on later. Well, he peed on me just as we were approaching his cage. You win some, you lose some. 


Day 6- OUR BEST DAY YET. We had sweet cuddles and said our goodbyes. 

Overall, monkey sitting was pretty fun and I’d do it again. I’ll be a monkey’s aunt. Jack is social, mischievous, and super sweet at times. We had a good run. 

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