No Doubt: An overdue blog update

Doubt is something that I haven't struggled much with in my faith. I can think of once, maybe twice, when I’ve struggled for short periods of doubting God. I believe in a sovereign God who is always at work. The following events are just a few examples of how He has been at work in my life further confirming that He knows and loves me personally.

A few weeks ago I flew to Honduras to spend Christmas with the foster kids and friends. When I went through customs the immigration officer gave me a 30-day visa, instead of the usual 90 days. She said she couldn’t give me any more than that (she even spoke to a superior). This was a problem for me since my next trip was planned for March, way more than 30 days away. On top of that, due to the country’s political crisis, they weren’t extending visas at the time. This basically meant I would need to leave the country within 30 days. 

I thought about visiting my family in Panama because my mom was there for her Christmas break. Then my Tita (grandma) was admitted to the hospital from a bad reaction to chemo. I booked my ticket to leave after spending just one week back home. Even though I was dreading leaving Honduras so soon it was for a good reason. 

Once I landed in Panama, I took a taxi straight to the hospital. I bumped into my cousin in the lobby and he escorted me to the room. I’d known my Tita had been ill for a few months at that point, but it still hadn’t really hit me. Not until I arrived at the hospital and saw her in the hospital bed so weak and fragile. Man, it hit me fast. I sat on the couch next to my mom, buried my face in her shoulder and cried. This was just the beginning of what would be an emotional, yet beautiful week. 

Emotional because we watched as my Tita's health deteriorated until she passed away. Beautiful because I saw the family come together in the hardest of times. There were very few moments when the house or the hospital was not full of family and friends. 

My mom returned to the USA a few days after I arrived in Panama. But then a few days later, we received the devastating news that my Tita would pass within the next day. It was just enough time for my mom to purchase a plane ticket, pack, and rush to the airport. She made it in time to spend one last night with her mom. 

God knows the plans I’ve made. He knows how stubborn I can be, after all, He made me. There was a reason I got that 30-day visa. As frustrating as it was in that moment, in retrospect, it was the reason I got to see my Grandma for her last week of life. That visa was a gift from God. I was blessed that week and so was my mom.

Now, for a few other updates and pictures. 

I finally spent a Christmas in Honduras and it was so much fun! Watch the short video recap. 

In December, the people of Honduras were protesting election results by setting up roadblocks in various towns and cities throughout the country. The only produce I got in the grocery store that day was apples. 

This past week that I've been back in Honduras has been eventful. I helped care for the children's center while the director made a quick trip out of town. Of course on day 1 there was a 7.6 earthquake in the Caribbean. The chance of a tsunami occurring was unlikely, but we evacuated the children's home for a couple hours "just in case." It was quite the adventure, but SO encouraging to see the community come together to show their love for the children. 

My friend and roomie donated blood to a sick patient. 

Oh, and I got my top braces off! Look at that smile. ;)