Life in Transition: Part Two

It’s been a long time coming. For those of you who have stumbled upon this and don’t really know me— you should know that I moved back to the USA about 7 months ago after serving as a missionary in Honduras for 4 years. If you haven’t read Part 1, then you should start there

I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats for the last 7 months. When will Jordan write an update? She must write an update! JK, I know you forgot about me. 

Well, I’ve been thinking about it. Almost every week my inner dialogue goes a little something like , “I should write an update, but I have nothing to update my followers on, but maybe next week. Yeah, next week will be when something changes.” Now, just replay those thoughts 24 times with one week in between. And that is exactly where I am today. No major news to report in any aspect of my life. 

The Job

I’ m still slaying at the bakery. Love the place and the people, but want to be using my skills and a benefits package would be NICE. Ya know? HMU for my resume. 

The Hair

It’s still short. I’m growing it out. The kids in Honduras hate it. Oops. Hoping to be at bob length by Spring. 

The Dating Life

 LOL. I’ve actually learned a lot in this area. Don’t sign up to go to a baseball game with someone you have nothing in common with. Ya girl is still single. For once I’m admitting it’s for the best right now (for reasons to follow).

Now, for the impactful and meaningful purpose for writing this blog. About to get real and transparent with you guys. You ready?

Every job I’ve ever had was practically handed to me. I knew getting a new job would be a process, but I did not expect to still be on the hunt 7 months later. I’ve cried. My mom literally held me while I had a meltdown after being rejected from a job on my 27th birthday.  I’ve been encouraged and pepped back up by my amazing support group. Just to fall back into this almost insurmountable pit of hopelessness and confusion again when the next rejection comes. 

Yet, I pick myself back up. Because I have come to terms with that even though this season (really long season-Global warming perhaps?) may not look at all like I expected, and I don’t know when it will end, that I am not alone. God is at work in this process. Believing that gives me the tiniest glimmer of hope that provides peace that surpasses understanding and the strength to pick myself up when I feel I’m at my lowest, most insecure, and unworthy state. 

Welp, besides all that, I’m doing great! Thanks for asking!!  

Stay tuned for part 3 that may or may not have any actual updates. But one can hope, and that I will.