Life in Transition: Part 3

In May, I hit the one year mark for being back in the USA. This is the third and final installment of my life in “transition.” 

But first, catch up on part 1 and part 2

What we can’t do is control the world around us- not as much as we’d like to, anyway. We might perceive things well, then act rightly, and fail anyway.
— Ryan Holiday

I started the year 2019 strong. I renewed my outlook on the challenges of 2018. Considering the many job rejections I faced, I was going to grow from those experiences and put my all into landing the perfect job. Things started out well, as I had several interviews lined up within a few weeks. I was so excited. I just knew one of these would be it. 

Then the interviews came and went, and I was back where I found myself just a couple months before, rejected from every job interview. There was one specific interview that felt like it was the perfect fit. I mean even to the detail that the interviewer had previously served as a missionary in Honduras of all places. COME ON!  I was so sure that God lined this one up for me. Until once again… I was rejected. 

Let me back up really quick and tell you guys that before I even moved back, I was already having second thoughts about pursuing a career in digital communications. I get burnt out from spending so much time behind my computer screen, and I crave relationships and interacting with people. But I decided I would give it a shot, and I gave it many shots.

While going through these waves of uncertainty, yet completely trusting in God, my mind wandered back to a seminar I went to during the Urbana18 conference. The seminar was called, “Finding Your Calling: An alternative to ‘Follow Your Passion’ Advice.” It was intriguing to me on the schedule because I feeling apathetic at the time and struggled to pinpoint my “passions.” The seminar introduced a “Discipleship” mindset. So instead of the typical script of pursuing your passion in the workplace, the speaker proposed pursuing your skills and strengths in a way that helps and serves others. Hmm... that’s an idea.

As I pondered about my passions, such as traveling (basic, I know) and staying involved in missions, I thought about a job that I could do to help others, but that would also afford me the opportunity and time to pursue these passions outside of work. There is one obvious answer, a teacher. Fall break, winter break, spring break, summer break— While these are great periods of time to rest, I can also travel and volunteer in Honduras (or wherever). 

Once I decided this is the route I was interested in, I started working fast to do what I could to start teaching by the Fall. I signed up for the needed Praxis exams, and applied to a teacher licensure program. I’ve since passed the exam, applied/interviewed for and accepted a middle school teaching position, and will start the licensure program at Lipscomb in August. 

The breakdown…

The Job

I AM GOING TO BE AN EL TEACHER (formerly known as ESL). 

I cried at the news of the job offer that I received in May. It’s been a long summer of working out all of the details to make it official. The school I am working at also happens to have the most English Learners in the district (the majority from Honduras).


The Hair

My hair has finally grown out. I am at the bob length. I know you guys were just dying to know. :)

The Dating Life


Final Thoughts

If you’re still reading this, bless you. Earlier I quoted Ryan Holiday from his book, The Obstacle is the Way. This book is grounded in stoicism and shares wisdom for facing obstacles in everyday life. I highly recommend it! While I do feel like I failed in pursuit of landing what was once my ideal dream job, the following quote freed me from feeling ashamed of failure, “What we can’t do is control the world around us- not as much as we’d like to, anyway. We might perceive things well, then act rightly, and fail anyway.” There is so much involved job interviews that you can’t control. All we can do is prepare, dress for the occasion, and hope for the best outcome.

I’m lucky that I took this as a wake up call to try something different. Starting on Monday, I have 180 opportunities to make a difference in the lives of my students. This is the best possible outcome.

Now, I believe I have officially acclimated to life back in the USA. Thanks for coming along for the ride.