Scorpion Club

Tropical storm Earl had me on edge last night. I was just tossing and turning, making myself comfortable to fall back asleep. Suddenly I felt a sharp and searing pain in my foot. Instantly, I leaped as far as I could out of my bed (surprisingly I landed on my feet). As I felt the pain begin to burn, I'm frantically smacking the wall to find the light. I know that burning pain could mean one thing...

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2015 Memories: Soccer at Recess

While I have some extra time on my hands as I am raising support in the USA, I thought I might share some of my favorite memories from this year.

As a teacher’s aide at El Camino Bilingual School, I have worked in various areas of responsibility with one of most common as recess monitor. I love all of the classes (kindergarten through 3rd grade) at El Camino and they each have their own personalities. When it comes to recess time, my favorite grade to interact with is the 2nd grade. This class is mostly boys and they love to play a game of soccer.

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When Missionary Life Prepares You For Going Home

What I didn’t expect was how the mission field would prepare me for coming home. The last few months in Honduras has been hands down the busiest season in my life. I experienced what it was like to operate under stress for more than a day. I spent the busy season doing photography on a weekly basis to get in school photos, graduation photos, missionary photos, and children's center photos. Photography used to be more of an interest and hobby, and overtime in Honduras it has become one of my main jobs. 

So how have these things (busyness & photography) prepared me for coming home?

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